Our life expectancy has gone up but how are we faring in terms of our general health and wellbeing?

In 1970, the average age expectancy of men was 68 years, and women 75. In 2017, the average age expectancy for men is 75 years, and for women it is 84.

In 2014–15, 85% of Australians aged 15 and over rated their own health as good or better.

But the stress that Australians experience is ever present. In a survey conducted by AIA who asked Australians what they were concerned about for their own heath and wellbeing, the conditions of most concern were cancer at 67%, heart disease at 65% while being overweight/obesity was the fifth biggest concern with 63%. On an emotional and mental level, anxiety and depression concerned 65% of Australian adults.

68% of Australians state they want to lose weight and 20% of Australians now own an activity tracker. 63% of Australians are taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

So what do all these statistics mean? Health and Wellbeing is at the top of mind for many Australians and the stats are indicating that Australians are taking more responsibility for their own heath and wellbeing and making small but necessary changes.

If we are going to live to a ripe old age, as the stats say we will, wouldn’t it be good to do so with grace and good health and wellbeing?

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